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school philosophy

Our students at the Jacques C. Shure Religious School will become a part of:

  • A positive and nurturing environment;
  • A challenging and interactive learning experience;
  • Extra-curricular programs and activities.

That will:

  • Nurture a strong Jewish identity.
  • Develop a feeling of belonging to the congregation and community.
  • Create long lasting friendships.
  • Instill Jewish values and mitzvot that create a meaningful way of life.

How to achieve this:

  • Know that learning is a gradual process that doesn’t occur overnight.
  • It has to be nurtured, reviewed and shared with others.

So Remember:

  • Students    – Become consistent learners at school.
  • Parents      – Be a partner in your children’s education.
  • Families     – Participate in Jewish programs, worship services, holiday celebrations, and family rituals, whenever possible.