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Hebrew Program



Hebrew Classes at CJCN focus on learning traditional liturgy.  The students will focus on blessings and Shabbat worship services.  The study of the Torah Service and the meaning and relationship we have to Torah are another integral part to this curriculum. 


Goals of the Hebrew Program

  1. Learn the central role prayer and Hebrew language play in our heritage.
  2. Learn the name and sound of each Hebrew letter and vowel of the Hebrew alphabet.
  3. Sight-read any Hebrew text with phonetic accuracy and fluency.
  4. Read assigned prayers and blessings with accuracy.
  5. Recognize universal Jewish values in specific Hebrew words.
  6. Identify and translate key Hebrew terms.
  7. Comprehend concepts from selected passages found in our siddur (prayer book).
  8. Understand the structure of Shabbat services.


Besides learning Hebrew and prayers, immediately following your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah through 8th grade, there will be a post B’nai Mitvah class ” Introduction to Conversational Studies” titled “Ulpan Alef” and “Ulpan Bet”.


Goals of the B’nai Mitzvah Program

  1. Read in Hebrew and understand their appropriate Torah and Haftarah portions.
  2. Conduct services as determined by the Rabbi.
  3. Read and understand the Hebrew prayers.
  4. The Bar/Bat Mitzvah Ceremony is not the culmination of formal Jewish education, but rather one of the many customs and ceremonies that lead to the beginning of an “adult” Jewish way of life.