CJCN Youth Groups


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Chalon L’Atid (Window to The Future) aka “CHALLAH!”

Chalon L’Atid gives middle school-aged students at suburban synagogue religious schools the opportunity to participate in an innovative approach to Jewish education, designed to create a bridge between the teens’ Bar and Bat Mitzvah training and Confirmation. “Challah!” offers an interesting and meaningful weekly Religious School curriculum which is shared among the participating schools as well as Challah! Kallot held throughout the year. In addition, Challah! Houston provides exciting opportunities for participants to meet and exchange ideas with other teens from across the suburban Houston Jewish community. Together, these programs offer teens the opportunity to learn more about themselves, explore their Jewishness, meet new Jewish kids from across the community, and have a lot of fun in the process. For more information contact challah@cjcn.org

 SPRIFTY (Youth Group)

SPRIFTY is a part of the Union of Reform Judaism’s North American Federation of Temple Youth. On the outside, SPRIFTY stands for Spring Federation of Temple Youth which is composed of high school students in 9th through 12th grades. SPRIFTY truly is Congregation Jewish Community North’s high energy and creative group of teens. Together, we not only attend Temple programs, but also create and hold events of our own. We are organized just like the Sisterhood, Men’s Club, or any other group in the Temple would be- by electing our own student board to discuss, plan, and lead programs. Within each program, our board is conscious to include SPRIFTY’s three pillars: community service, the social aspect, and Judaism. On a wider scale, SPRIFTY gets together with 27 other local youth groups from all of Texas and Oklahoma four times a year on what is called “Kallahs” or “Conclaves” to create NFTY-TOR (North American Federation of Temple Youth- Texas and Oklahoma Region)- the regional youth group.

On the inside, SPRIFTY is a tight-knit group of friends. Together, we enjoy participating in regular community service projects and our own services simply because we are in each other’s company. Some of our regular events include: Interfaith Hospitality Network, Mitzvah’s of the Month concentrated on improving the Temple, Jewish Holiday related programs, Shabbats and Havdallahs held in our own homes, and lock-ins intended for pure fun. One can expect each and every one of these events to be themed and packed with teens taking part. SPRIFTY is always open to new members who are looking to find their personal Judaism, a good time, and friends that will last a lifetime. SPRIFTY is a live example of a successful youth led group- something hard to believe, but easy to see flowing anywhere in CJCN.

For more information contact sprifty@cjcn.org