A Personal Invitation

Jonathan Siger
Rabbi of Congregation Jewish Community North


You’ve found Jewish Community North.  Here, in our congregational home, you are welcome.  Here is a place you can relax, reflect, and recharge. 

When you are here, you are among friends, more so, among family. We are here to support you, to challenge you and to inspire you.

Here you will find people who are just like you.  People who celebrate life’s gifts and must endure life’s challenges.  People who are proud of their heritage and their history, and people who struggle with what that means to them in an ever-changing world. People who look to, and rely upon others for fellowship and strength. People who believe unfailingly in a Perfect God of Love and Justice, and some who come for the brownies.

Here you will find Jews and the people that love us, and those we love.  Here you will find a place to worship God and serve humanity.    Here you will find paths through a lush landscape of texts, traditions and practices that will bring you closer to your true self and nearer The One in whom we find The Ground Of our very Being. Here is a place and people who will help educate you and your children in our ways, and the ways of our ancestors. 

Congregation Jewish Community North is a Reform Jewish Temple, Social Hall and Educational facility in Spring, Texas.  It is a campus, a group of people, clergy and students, old folks and babies. We are united in our commitment to a modern, meaningful Judaism and to each other.

I hope you will join us and help us continue the work begun four thousand years ago by a shepherd and his wife.  The work of making the world more complete, more perfect.  It is no accident that the ancient rabbis called God, “The Place”.  If you are searching, you have found it.


Welcome Home.